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Regen Medical Centers offers hair restoration through the cutting-edge laser helmet technology of TheradomeⓇ and Capillus. We are able to restore thinned or inadequate hair for a healthier, fuller look.

Regen Medical Centers are led by Dr. Ellison whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all his patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment at the location near you or book your consultation online with us. Find out if you may be a good candidate for hair restoration with the laser helmets.

What is the TheradomeⓇ laser helmet?

TheradomeⓇ is a laser helmet approved by the FDA as a safe and effective device to grow and maintain hair. Hair restoration with TheradomeⓇ utilizes laser technology to help slow down hair loss, double the follicle size of pre-existing hair, and grow new and healthy hair. Using the TheradomeⓇ is similar to an exercise routine in that in order to see noticeable results, we recommend making it a part of your routine. How frequent you may need to commit to this hair restoration regimen depends on what you would like to accomplish with this device among other factors.theradome

When can I expect results from hair restoration with the TheradomeⓇ laser helmet?

The TheradomeⓇ works in different steps to accrue astounding results. During the first step, many patients have been able to see a reduction in hair loss between 4-18 weeks into their TheradomeⓇ treatment regimen. For the second step, TheradomeⓇ works to thicken your current hair, which can take within 18-26 weeks of consistent application. Finally, it can take between 36-52 weeks following the start of your treatment for new hair to grow. Each person who commits to hair restoration with TheradomeⓇ will experience distinctive results.theradome

What is the CapillusⓇ laser helmet?

Like TheradomeⓇ, CapillusⓇ is a laser helmet device that is approved by the FDA to help restore hair. CapillusⓇ laser helmets are engineered to enhance respiration within the hair follicle, increasing oxygen availability and transferring important nutrients to promote healthier hair growth. We often recommend wearing the CapillusⓇ laser helmet for 30 minutes a day, every other day. However, the duration of your treatment session will be based on what you would like to accomplish through this device among other factors.


When can I expect results from hair restoration with the CapillusⓇ laser helmet?

Patients who have properly and consistently used their CapillusⓇ laser helmet have noticed results of restored hair within 2-4 months. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

If you are interested in hair restoration through the CapillusⓇ or TheradomeⓇ laser helmets, contact us today to schedule a consultation or book your consultation online with us to find out if either of these products may be right for you.