Medically Supervised Weight Loss

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Safe and Effective Weight Loss

Weight plays an important role in not just our health, but how we look and feel. Losing weight increases energy, enhances self-confidence and improves mood. Our medically trained team can help you achieve sustained weight loss with a customized program that targets your needs and goals.BE well

The principles of our Weight Loss Program are based on medical supervision, custom analysis and nutrition. The essential components of our method include comprehensive care from a board certified physician, healthy lifestyle changes, custom nutrition analyses and supplement programs, and, when appropriate, prescription weight loss medication.

You deserve to look and feel your best.
Get started on your path to Weight Loss.

First Step: We offer complimentary screenings to determine if you are a candidate for our medically supervised weight loss program. If you meet the guidelines and criteria for our program, you will have an in-office consultation with a board certified physician at our West Chester location. Your one-on-one meeting will give you an opportunity to discuss your needs and goals. The physician will provide a medical assessment to get a breakdown of your body composition and outline a treatment plan that includes prescription medication and custom designed course to follow.

On Going Support: You will meet with our team every 4 weeks to monitor your progress and provide ongoing support and guidance through our program. You will receive refill prescriptions and discuss your goals and concerns with your doctor. Follow-up appointments can be in our West Chester office or in the comfort of your home, combined with other cosmetic or wellness treatments as part of our Concierge Service.

We will help you implement lifestyle changes so that you can maintain your weight loss long term. Our team will guide you on healthy eating habits, exercise and nutritional supplements.

Take the first step and schedule your consultation with Cincinnati Wellness Center.

Cincinnati Wellness Center is the one of the few treatment center in the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area offering a comprehensive approach to medically supervised weight management. In addition, Ellison Medical is the only center in the region to offer personalized nutritional assessments and custom nutrition programs.

Our programs are supervised by board certified physician Dr. David Ellison. Not all patients are candidates for our medically supervised weight loss program. Please schedule a consultation to meet with our expert staff to learn if our program is right for you.