CO2 Anti-Aging Laser

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“One of the biggest innovations in anti-aging is CO2 fractional laser technology – turn back the clock with Amazing Results.”

Your skin works hard for you, taking the brunt of the world. But researchers and cosmetic physicians have been working equally hard to find a way to restore some of your skin’s youth, polish, and vitality. Thanks to a breakthrough in laser technology and the Matrix Fractional Laser Skin Therapy System, we can now do just that. The Matrix Fractional CO2 laser “resurfaces” your skin, minimizing wrinkles, lines, sun damage, acne scars and discoloration—all while increasing collagen production.

How CO2 Technology Works

Our anti-aging laser works its magic by targeting the deeper layers of the damaged and loose skin. A light beam directs tiny pulses of light very rapidly, creating a grid-like pattern and delivering energy, which stimulates your skin to renew its collagen and make new skin. The fractionized grid pattern leaves small areas of your skin between the treated spots untouched. That’s important because it reduces healing time. We have complete control over the intensity of the laser, so we customize your treatment specifically for what you need.

During the treatment, we keep you as comfortable as possible, and use topical anesthesia cream. Most patients describe a warm, prickly sensation during the treatment. Afterwards, you’ll notice some redness, swelling and/or puffiness (similar to a sunburn). This typically goes away within a few days, but can last up to a week or so.

Fresher Skin for Years to Come

Results vary, but often a single treatment with the Matrix Fractional CO2 laser does the trick. You’ll notice a change in both the way your skin looks and feels: it feels fresher and tighter, and looks smoother and more even. It eases both the deep wrinkles and fine lines. If you take good care of your skin with sun protection, medical grade skin care products, and a healthy diet, your results can last many years.

Matrix Co2 Laser Treatment Consultation

We offer virtual consultations to get you started. Call 513-847-6564 or schedule a consultation online to learn more about this exciting service.