Chemical Peels

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Uncovering Smoother Skin

Your skin is vulnerable to damage from sun exposure and aging, as well as hormonal changes. But many of the changes occur only on the outer layers of the skin. That means that if you peel away the dead skin layers, you can uncover a smoother skin surface, which reduces the appearance of scars, acne, age spots, and wrinkles.

How Medical Chemical Peels Work

A medical chemical peel removes these dead skin layers of the epidermis by using specific combinations of safe and effective chemical agents. The blend is customized for each patient, depending on how deep into the skin we need to treat. Our physicians and staff meet with each patient for a skin analysis and consultation to determine the best treatment and make sure you get the right outcome—smoother, younger looking skin and blended skin color. Chemical peels are also effective treatments for dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Medical chemical peels are more aggressive than microdermabrasion, but less aggressive than laser therapies. The chemical peels performed at Regen Medical Centers use physician-grade chemical solutions that contain a substantially higher percentage of the active ingredients. Our chemical peels are always performed by a certified aesthetician. Visit our Spa Menu for the chemical peels we offer (including the VI-Peel) as well as pricing information.